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So all I really have to say about the horrific ongoing disaster in the gulf coast is that it's becoming apparent that they cut a lot of corners at BP.  And, look, I make pretty much minimum wage. My job is one of those jobs that people tend to say things like "a monkey could do that job." But if I don't do my job right, people can get food poisoning and possibly die. This doesn't happen because even when I slack off at my job, I don't cut corners on the things that threaten lives. (For the record, I may occasionally cut corners on things like "Eh, there's probably enough drinks in the lobby refrigerator already." Where if it turns out I'm wrong, the horrible consequence is I have to go get more drinks out of the back! *shock* *horror*
And I'm a fast food peon.

Now, I have no idea what it takes to work on or inspect an oil rig. It doesn't sound like a job I'd want to have. But it's becoming clear that a lot of people at BP weren't doing their jobs properly. And that's not cool,  because it's the sort of job that, if not done properly, has horrible and widespread consequences.

And can we at least all agree on this: it's a really freaking bad idea to cut corners when horrible disaster is at stake.

So, in conclusion, BP=Epic Fail.
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