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On angry customers

So the thing about working somewhere is that you're kind of there a lot. Like, pretty much every day, for most types of jobs. This includes, believe it or not, people who work at restaurants. Yes, even fast food! So when an angry person comes in and rants to the management about how they "eat here all the time" and now that we've done something to piss them off (usually by not giving them something that we don't sell in the first place or some other equally inane thing*), they're "never going to eat here again! And neither will any of their friends! And we'll lose a lot of business!!!!!!"

But here's the thing: we, the people who work there, know that you don't, in fact, eat at our restaurant all the time. Because we're pretty much there every day and we recognize our regulars. We know who they are. We would be sad to lose them. But if we don't recognize you, then all you're accomplishing by telling us that you're never coming back is making us all happy that we won't have to deal with you again.

*Instances where we've genuinely messed up someone's food do happen but for some reason we mostly tend to get loud angry yelling rants about stuff that we either didn't actually do or have no control over.

Somebody finds a hair in their food or something, and it's usually "Oh sorry, we'll make you another one" and they're like "OK, cool." But we stop serving a limited-time special offer menu item that has been clearly marked and advertised and such and people are like "YOU RUINED MY ENTIRE DAY BY NOT HAVING THIS ANYMORE!!!" I wish I was kidding.
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